Women-Owned Coffee & Tea Companies To Help You Sip With A Purpose

We all know that one coffee or tea addict… maybe it’s you! Well good news, we’ve rounded up some of the best women-owned coffee and tea brands, so that you can sip with a purpose! Why not support women while supporting your caffeine addiction? You’re gonna spend the money anyway, so why not give it to a women’s small-business with wholesome ethics and practices? This list will help you identify a women-owned brand to fit your coffee or tea needs!

10th Avenue Tea

10th Avenue Tea was founded in 2015, by Ann Foley and her sister-in-law Morgan Walsh, who wanted to create a healthy, convenient and eco-friendly instant tea! Thus the Chicago-based, 10th Avenue Tea line of shakeable matcha tea powders was born! Find the tea in various stores such as Whole Foods and Walmart.

Here’s the tea: We love this 10th Avenue’s instant tea because it’s healthy, eco-friendly, and created by women! Now available in four matcha flavors: Green, Black, Chai and Tropical, plus Herbal Berry.

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City Girl Coffee

City Girl Coffee is not just a cute company with cool colors and a chic look. We are a sustainable and responsible coffee company that is working to bring awareness and equality to the women of the coffee industry. We source as much of our coffee as possible from small, women-owned or managed farms and co-operatives, and give a portion of every sale back to the organizations that support the success of women in their country of origin.

Here’s the tea: We love City Girl Coffee because they source their coffee from women-owned or managed farms and cooperatives and donate a portion of sales to organizations that support gender equity in the coffee business. They also use sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Purchase their coffees by the bag, in gift sets, or sign up for a “sipscription“!

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Earth Mama Medicine

Earth Mama Medicine is a platform focused on physical, mental & spiritual wellness. Veladya Champan is the founder of the health platform, Earth Mama Medicine. As a certified holistic nutritionist, Veladya uses the platform to promote growth, learning, and transformation.

Here’s the tea: We love this herbal tea because it has SO many health benefits. Created for detoxification, this tea gives you a complete mental and physical rejuvenation. This magical tea aids in digestion, reduces inflammation, cleanses skin, enhances the immune system, increases energy, stamina, vitality, mental clarity, and so much more!

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Electric City Roasting Co.

The webs best specialty Coffee Retailer, featuring a robust catalog of roasts light to dark. Organic, naturally processed, and blends of the finest coffees. Our passion for coffee perfection is a culmination of a meticulous pursuit of amazing coffee beans and sustainable relationships with coffee producers. 

Here’s the tea: We love Electric City Roasting because they’re owned and operated by people who truly care about coffee. They work directly with the farmers, millers, and producers in coffee-producing regions of the world, promoting sustainability and traceability with their coffees, cafes, and customers.

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Herbal Goodness Co.

At Herbal Goodness, they source and manufacture premium quality superfood products including herbal extracts, teas, supplements, nutraceuticals and smoothie powders. They use only premium quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients.

Here’s the tea: We love Herbal Goodness because they only used the best ingredients that undergo rigorous testing.  Their teas have a range of health benefits: improve skin, aid digestion, immunity boost, blood platelet support, healthy cell generation, stress relief. Additionally, they give 10% of profits to support education for girls in Africa through the WAAW Foundation!

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White Coffee

White Coffee has been importing and roasting the finest coffee for over 80 years. Wth a wide range of quality, industry, and specialty certifications, you’re guaranteed to receive “the kind of quality and service that you deserve.”

Here’s the tea: We love how White Coffee has been an industry leader for nearly a century. Beyond their longstanding place in the coffee world, they are also committed to being a leader in the industry in minimizing the effect of their activities on the environment.

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Smart Sips Coffee

Bringing excitement into the daily coffee drinking routine with gourmet flavored coffees, decafs, hot chocolates, lattes, cappuccinos and teas! Smart Sips are made with high-quality ingredients and created in small batches to ensure consistency and provide the freedom to have fun with new flavors. We use an old-style process of flavoring the highest quality beans, and you can taste the difference.

Here’s the tea: We love Smart Sips because they use only the highest-quality ingredients to deliver an array of fun and interesting flavors, including the Chocolate-lovers coffee dream! You’ll find a creative variety of hot chocolates, coffees, and cappuccinos to fit anyone’s taste!

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Tisanas Orquideas

Tisanas Orquidea is a traditional family company established in Bogota, Colombia since 1983. Their teas and infusions are 100% natural, with no added sugars or preservatives. 

Here’s the tea: We love Tisanas Orquidea because their Colombian teas and infusions are 100% natural, with no added sugars or preservatives. They’re conscious of the importance of sustainability, and fair trade, and place these practices at the forefront of their business.

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Café Los Santos

SB Café Los Santos Tarrazú is a Single Origin grown coffee cultivated, harvested, and roasted in the area of Tarrazú; Costa Rica boasts eight coffee growing regions, the most famous of which is Tarrazú — known worldwide for its exceptional quality beans and breathtaking views.

Here’s the tea: We love Cafe Los Santos because of their commitment and respect to the coffee-growing communities, with particular emphasis on women, while showing their values and respecting the environment. And everyone knows, you can’t beat Costa Rican coffee beans!

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White Lion Teas

At White Lion Teas, you’ll find fine organic and loose leaf teas, along with traditional, herbal, caffeine, and caffeine-free teas. For over 20 years, they’ve procured high-quality teas from small boutique tea estates and large tea plantations so that you can enhance your lifestyle and add a little affordable luxury to your day, every day. 

Here’s the tea: We love White Lion Teas because they source premium teas for their customers, at affordable prices. Through their Pride Mission, they provide education and job opportunities that help restore and in some cases, ignite a sense of empowerment and self-worth for individuals who might otherwise be overlooked.

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