Women-Owned Clothing Brands That Are Shattering The Glass Runway

Breaking through an industry that’s been historically male-dominated, these women-owned clothing brands are paving the way for women in fashion. The fashion industry, in general, is geared and marketed more towards women than men. Furthermore, women tend to be the bigger spenders within the market. In fact, global market research company NPD determined that women spend on average three times more on clothes than men. So, if women are driving the demand and fueling the economy of the fashion industry, why is it that industry is still largely male-dominated? Big brands where most Americans do their shopping are owned by large conglomerates run by mostly male CEOs.

In order to delve deeper into the data, CFDA and Glamour teamed up to perform a study which they called, The Glass Runway. The purpose of this study was to look into gender inequality within the fashion industry. Their research discovered that only “14% of major [fashion] brands have a woman in charge”. Another shocking statistic that the study uncovered, was that “100% of women surveyed see gender equality as an issue in fashion, while less than 50% of men do”. These differing viewpoints highlight how our society has been conditioned to normalize a male-centric world.

While there are many aspiring women in fashion, the number of women who actually make it to executive positions is very low. There are so many amazing women-owned clothing brands to support, who have incredible missions and are empowering women in business. Luckily resources like our own directory of women-owned businesses are making it easier than ever to support females in fashion! Listed below are a few of the women-owned clothing brands that can be found in our directory. Click here to shop all of our featured women-owned clothing brands, and click here to submit your own business!

Women-Owned Clothing Brands To Support

Aliya Wanek

Aliya Wanek is on a mission to create “comfortable, stylish clothing ethically and sustainably.” Founder Aliya either hand-makes or works with local Bay Area contractors to dye and produce her clothing items. This luxury black-owned brand is always taking into consideration ways they can reduce their environmental impact.

Shop Aliya’s gorgeous line of simple, high-quality everyday clothing here!


Wildfire is a low waste boutique, providing shoppers with clothing that they can feel good about wearing— no sweatshops here! Wildfire’s suppliers pay their employees fair wages & work in a safe, comfortable environment.

Shop Wildfire’s affordable and adorable low-waste clothing items here!

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable, ethically made activewear brand available in sizes xxs-6xl. We love the mission of Girlfriend Collective, which is to be as eco-friendly and transparent about their practices as possible. Girlfriend turns “old plastic bottles, fishing nets and other waste into bras, leggings and shorts”, so you can make a positive environmental impact while wearing the comfiest athleisure on the market!

Shop Girlfriend Collective’s sustainable, comfortable and affordable activewear here!


Stacey Boyd, decided to found Olivela after visiting refugee camps in Kenya and Rwanda with activist Malala Yousafzai. During her visit she met many amazing young women, who risked their whole lives to pursue basic necessities that many of us are blessed with already. She decided she needed to start a company that gives back to women in need, thus Olivela was born. Olivela is a marketplace featuring brands we know and love, but the positive twist to this marketplace is that 20% of the proceeds of anything you purchase are donated directly to one of their partner children’s charities.

Shop Olivela’s marketplace of all your favorite luxury brands here, and start giving back while you spend!

Couldn’t find what you’re shopping for in this list? Stop by women.net to search through our full directory of women-owned businesses to find a women-based brand to fill your needs! Furthermore, if you own or represent a women-owned business, be sure to add your business listing to our directory, completely free of charge! Let’s continue to support women together.