Bark Me A Biscuit

Flower resin keychain
Thank you for supporting my small business! Your support, no matter now small, is helping my dream become reality!

Welcome to Bark Me A Biscuit!

Over the years I have dabbled into crafts here and there. Always enjoyed making things when time allowed. One day, not so long ago, I sat back and told myself…you are not making the time to do what you love! So here I am, making the time, and sharing my handmade treasures with you.

I have 2 beautiful daughters and an amazing better half who support me through this effort to start my own business. Without their support and push, you may not be reading this today.

So the story begins…

I had bought a notebook from the store, very cute notebook if I say so myself, and I placed this on the sofa table. I was asked on multiple occasions “What is this for?”. I said, this is the start of my business. As they would open it, I kept hearing “It’s blank” or “When are you going to write something in it?” As months went by, the notebook sat empty. Then, one day, months and months later, standing in my kitchen with my daughters, coming up with a name, in which was to start out as making dog treats, we played around with names. As names were thrown around, I blurted out BARK ME A BISCUIT. We laughed and laughed…and it stuck! How catchy!

Our LOVE for dogs has inspired the the name “Bark Me A Biscuit”. We rescued our Layla in October 2017, and how our lives changed from that moment on. My better half, who never had a dog growing up, was not so sure about getting a dog. Today, you would never know he felt that way. It is amazing the connection between them. Our 75lb lap dog is a permanent part of our family!

In closing, I have lived most of my life paycheck to paycheck, wanting things and passing them buy. My goal is to ensure you “can” afford my product and in turn be happy you have done so.

If I would not buy the item myself, I would never advertise it to sell. All my crafted items are made with care. If my customers are not happy, I am not happy!

Happy Shopping!

  • Party of wood wall collage tag
  • Personalized tote bag