Elyte by Elyse Fashion Accessory Boutique

Elyte by Elyse
Handcrafted original jewelry, hair bows, bow ties and body jewels for the whole family!

Hi, I’m Elyse (eleeeese). I’m 13 and partnered with my mom to form Elyte by Elyse or eleeet by eleeese. I wanted to make bows and jewelry with kids in mind but we have grown into much more than that. I love what I do. I’m an honor roll student and love school friends and family. I am first a child of God. Thank you for visiting and purchasing to support my dream.

Elyte by Elyse offers quality handcrafted original designs of beaded jewelry made with semiprecious stones and crystals. They offer bracelets, business style sets, necklaces, earrings, bows and bow ties, traditional styles for Black Families, children and adult jewelry sets. Also offering Black lives matter semiprecious stone jewelry and traditional waist beads themed for greatness, self-love and empowerment.


  • Elyte by Elyse
  • Elyte by Elyse