Adina Reyter

Adina Reyter necklace
Fine jewelry for life.

Adina Reyter started a jewelry revolution. At a time when women were only purchasing costume jewelry for themselves, Adina launched a collection of classically timeless, yet modern fine jewelry at price points that women could purchase for themselves. The initial response was overwhelming, and over the past 19 years her customer base has only grown as she continues to redefine the way women shop for fine jewelry.

Happiness. For Adina Reyter, design begins with a wish to awaken happiness and a sense of possibilities in all of us. The Adina Reyter woman is feminine and put together. She is warm and engaging, stylish and optimistic. She makes thoughtful choices and she chooses happiness everyday. The Adina Reyter brand is a crisp white shirt, a smile in the eyes, a kind gesture, a handwritten note. Wearing Adina Reyter pieces is meant to be easy, natural, personal and expressive. It is meant to remind us all of the meaning and pleasures worthy in life.

“Creating jewelry that is designed to be worn and enjoyed everyday is a way of life. It is all consuming to create something meant to be so personal and evoke emotions of happiness and joy. Adding beauty to the world through gold and diamonds is a task undertaken with extreme thoughtfulness and attention to detail from conception to final product.”

We take so much pride in continuing to grow our brand into the trusted source for everyday, wearable, beautiful fine jewelry that women can purchase for themselves, give or receive as a gift, and wear for years to come.

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