Saged App

Saged App
Daily Rituals, Wisdom & Awe

Saged is your resource center for Earth-based teachings and practices.
We have collected the best hands-on, bite-sized advice to help you
incorporate spirituality, self-care and mindfulness in your busy life.

We are working with the best “Sages”, practitioners and professionals that will help improve your quality of life and expand your awareness. Best yet, we are keeping the information bite sized so you can minimize your screen time.

Check out our curated flow of daily self care tools, sustainable living advice, rituals and new world views.

Do you long for a deeper connection to body, Earth and life force?
Then Saged is for you.

In Saged you will find:

Self care tools
Guided meditations
Seasonal rituals
Sustainable living advice
Breathwork sessions
Sound healing
Supportive Community groups
Workshops, classes, and new world views.