I Am A Black Father
Island apparel that can be worn 365 days of the year.

We have masks, kids clothing, menswear and chic apparel for the queens!

Started in 2005 as a small online boutique that sold women apparel.  Today we are proud with all the experience and longevity we turned it up a notch and turned it around to be a more cultural online store.  Not only will we be selling Haitian clothing we will target other islands as well. KVC  is all about unity, and getting in touch with our roots and knowing our history! What better way to represent 365 days of the year,  check us out today, order and support!

Miami & Broward County LOCAL pick ups are available

KVC is also a part of a Women Inspirational Group, which is dedicated to promoting empowerment of women with all different faith, cultures, and backgrounds! We are always working on projects to give back to our communities and our people back home!  Follow us on Social Media – W.I.N Women Inspirational Network

Ft. lauderdale, FL