Hi Wildflower

hi wildflower natural perfume
Beauty & Botanical Fragrance | Made in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Hi Wildflower is a brand created by novelist Tanaïs (née Tanwi Nandini Islam) in 2014. inspired by the everyday muse of wildflowers, the brand is for socially-conscious, colorful & stylish consumer looking for luxury, fine-crafted goods.
Tanaïs launched the independent beauty & fragrance house to address the need for ritual and self-care in this frenetic world, largely in part because of their background as a community organizer and arts educator. Their work is multi-disciplinary, dynamic, intersectional, inclusive and feminist, and they bring this ethos to every aspect of the brand, from casting cultural icons like Alok and Jenny Zhang as muses, and from working with formerly incarcerated women to create scents based on their stories.
Since its inception, Hi Wildflower has supported organizations like girls write now, arte and resistance education, black lives matter and free from – entrepreneurship with survivors of domestic violence.
Hi Wildflower’s custom collaborations & fragrance design includes: Bobbi Brown’s the George Hotel; musician Josh Ritter’s “gathering” perfume. Hi Wildflower is now available in 200 stores across the world. Major retailers have included Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Terrain.

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