Tackussanu Senegal

Tackussanu Senegal
Tackussanu’s fundamental belief is that every person has the right to safe jobs and fair, livable wages. Each piece is made following fair trade principles, ultimately contributing to a life-changing sustainable income and giving back to the people who made it!

The artisan Wolof Weavers in Senegal are primarily woman .

The largest market from which  to purchase these luxury handmade goods is in the village of Ngaye. Some women travel from rural areas to buy their materials or sell their work on Mondays in this market.

54% of women in Senegal haven’t had formal education. You wouldn’t know it because most of them are very good business woman! But they lack access to a larger market to sell their beautiful creations.

Tackussanu Senegal offers them this global platform. We pride ourselves on locating and employing artisan woman that have skills and use traditional techniques.

The process of making the basket is called “coiling”.  They take the locally grown grass and recycled plastic strips are wrapped around the grass.

These handmade items are durable, sustainable  and eco-friendly.

The artisan woman blend traditional Senegasle weaving techniques with a modern design to create handmade luxury good for placement in your home or office.

At Tackassanu we work with our weavers directly.  There is no middleman. This guarantees the artisan weaver a regular, fair, secure income for the products.

We love the opportunity to communicate directly with our artisans and co-create the designs, shapes and color selections. This also helps ensure that quality is maintained among the many people working.

Jasz & Cheikh, along with our weavers,  want to thank you for your purchase!!!