Freedom Sisters

Amplify Women Veterans – A Woman Veteran-Owned Media Company to Champion Change for Women Veterans.

A Woman Veteran-Owned Media Company to Champion Change for Women Veterans. Our goal is to amplify Women Veterans. We tackle tough conversations on our Podcast. We provide Promotional Opportunities and Media Services for Women Veteran-Owned Business and Non-profits. We are a media production company and develop products to showcase stories of women who have served this country to inspire and provide hope for all our sisters. We are a tiny media company with a MIGHTY vision to grow. We are the go to Media company for Women Veterans.

Freedom Sisters Media produces content in every kind of media format: Podcast, Social and Live events, video, audio, and more! we have a magazine in production phase that will launch Jan 2021. We are in the pre-production phase of a documentary as well.

Everything we create exists with the same goal in mind: we want to amplify Women Veterans, their service and post-service missions. We produce the tools to make permanent and lasting, positive changes that provide growth for Veteran-Owned Business or Veteran-Lead Non-Profits.

As a faith-based media company our goal is to help Women-Veterans heal spiritually and to walk out who God has called them to be professionally and personally through sharing stories and connecting our sisters!

Freedom Sisters Media is currently developing online courses for personal mission development: how to listen to the calling on your heart and provide practical steps to help fulfill your

God-given mission!

United States
  • Magazine launching January 2021
  • Amplify Women Veterans